About Global Matters

Global Matters is a project of the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin. Our goal is to present ideas and reflections on important global issues. We live in an ever more complex world that is undergoing profound changes. Global issues – or matters – like environmental degradation and climate change, weakly regulated capital flows and underfunded banks, the proliferation of weapons, irregular migration flows, growing sectarian violence, apparent conflicts between democratic outcomes and minority rights, are becoming ever more important.


World Map with Compass

How to navigate complexities in a globalized world?

That is why we think that global      perspectives matter.

The Center for Global Politics is engaged in various research and teaching activities around the world involving people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. We have noticed that there is a growing demand for narratives and explanations. Our students, but also people everywhere in the world, are looking for orientation.


Global Matters is an attempt to offer this orientation and to encourage informed debates about how global issues should or could be analyzed and addressed. Since we do not want to add to the daily information overload, we want to approach this in a profound, yet time-saving manner. That is why our experts will post just short comments on relevant questions of the day. The public is invited to start from here, and to carry the discussion further.

This website would probably not have been launched without the initiative of one 
of our alumni, Wisam Salih. He alerted us to the digital publication OpenCanada founded by the Canadian International Council in 2011, whose Rapid Response section has been an important source of inspiration to us.

Please let us know any suggestions, comments and critiques you may have.

– Klaus Segbers