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Defeating Daesh Post Paris Attacks

Here we go again, and fall, and fail again.

Last Friday, organized fighters who march in the name of the prophet produced carnage at six sites in Paris.

This follows earlier attacks in Paris in January, Copenhagen later this year, then Sharm El Sheikh, Beirut, and now Paris again. If there are still people thinking we have to talk to those ‘warriors’ it would be sad. We – the Western societies thinking of themselves as liberal ones – have to act.

Three issues are particularly relevant:

One, we should not compromise on our liberal values and behavior. Whoever wants to come to our societies has to accept our general rules of living.

Two, we have to improve massively intelligence capabilities and external border controls in the EU.

Three, we have to organize a negotiation process including, for the time being, Russia, Iran and representatives of the Assad regime. This won’t be easy, nor nice, but we have to eradicate the Daesh threat with all available means.

Do our experts think that this is achievable now?