Monthly Archives: February 2015

War in Ukraine: What can be done by Western governments between appeasing Russia and preparing a military red line?

The so-called Minsk 2 accord, signed recently by the Ukrainan government and the separatists (but not the mediators), appears to collapse. Hostilities are continuing. The Russian president appears to be unimpressed by Western appeals to stop (or at least not support) the separatists. The only move not tested so far is a credible Western attitude of applying counter-force if required. Alas, difficult questions of escalation dominance are attached here.

Privacy in the digital age: Do we give up effective data protection?

What is happening with our digital data? That’s one of the big questions today. We are confronted with a double challenge: First, state agencies are highly interested in our data. The NSA activities are just the tip of the iceberg. It is unclear if, and how we can tame the data-hunger of these apparently ‘securitized’ agencies. Second, there are the big IT companies like Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, etc., whom we feed with our own personal information. The recently changed contract provisions of FB make a lot of people (re)considering their own habits in social networks. Opting out is possible, but not desired so far by most customers.

So do we give up an effective data protection on both fronts? Or are there potential remedies?

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