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Is it worth studying International Relations today?

At the beginning of 2015, the world looks more confused than ever. So one would assume that we do need a lot of good specialists to bring a sense of clarity and transparency to what is happening in Global Politics. Alas, what we see is that a lot of people in most countries give up understanding the chaos, resigning in the face of too much complexity. This includes decision makers who are skeptical re. the interference of self-appointed specialists. Plus, media reporting on global affairs is about as simplistic as the reality is complicated.
So why should young people today start a career by studying International Relations/ Global Politics? What can they expect from such a degree? What can taxpayers expect from such an investment? And politicians from these experts?

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Charlie Hebdo and the consequences: How can we make sure that liberal principles will be preserved, and that at the same time we can defend ourselves by the means available?

(Valentina Calà/Flickr/Creative Commons)

(1) Attacks on liberal and secular societies are continuing, and they will go on on a broader scale. The combination of increasing global complexities and ‘holy’ scripts, allegedly pointing a way out of confusion and threats, is a very dangerous one. Most important is that we do not make a step back, not a single one. No caricature that may or may not be offensive for someone must remain unpublished. No text that may or may not be tasteless for some readers must be hidden.

(2) Overwhelmingly, muslims are no terrorists, and don’t support them. At the same time, since 9/11, political terrorists are quite often muslims – or use islam-related narratives. How can we explain that?